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gar•den (gärdn),USA pronunciation  n. 
  1. a plot of ground, usually near a house, where flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, or herbs are cultivated.
  2. a piece of ground or other space, commonly with ornamental plants, trees, etc., used as a park or other public recreation area: a public garden.
  3. a fertile and delightful spot or region.
  4. [Brit.]yard2 (def. 1).

  1. pertaining to, produced in, or suitable for cultivation or use in a garden: fresh garden vegetables; garden furniture.
  2. garden-variety.
  3. lead up or  down the garden path, to deceive or mislead in an enticing way;
    lead on;
    delude: The voters had been led up the garden path too often to take a candidate's promises seriously.

  1. to lay out, cultivate, or tend a garden.

  1. to cultivate as a garden.
garden•a•ble, adj. 
garden•less, adj. 
garden•like′, adj. 


can•o•py (kanə pē),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -pies, v.,  -pied, -py•ing. 
  1. a covering, usually of fabric, supported on poles or suspended above a bed, throne, exalted personage, or sacred object.
  2. an overhanging projection or covering, as a long canvas awning stretching from the doorway of a building to a curb.
  3. an ornamental, rooflike projection or covering.
  4. Also called  crown canopy, crown cover. the cover formed by the leafy upper branches of the trees in a forest.
  5. the sky.
  6. the part of a parachute that opens up and fills with air, usually made of nylon or silk.
  7. the transparent cover over the cockpit of an airplane.

  1. to cover with or as with a canopy: Branches canopied the road.
Design grandeur nations that are applying will mean getting the outside, inside. Decorate the cottage or bungalow shouldn't have an excessive amount of trouble after the land using the mind and purpose treatment of the subject rests right outside the screen. Taking dynamics as examples whilst the design decorate record lodge, utilizing typical lumber for the patio and furniture may fit.

You might elect to pass to a log-cabin or bungalow on the old furniture in the property. The furniture look new can be made by utilizing a pillowcase for seat or a love-seat. Sometimes adorn wood hotel, you might paint furniture. Garden Canopy will offer a look that is new crisp.

Pine, birch or cedar will definitely supplement any area, especially log or bungalow cabin. You are able to abandon it or use wood mark will give you landscapes of the state to maintain the original search of lumber. Whether you decide on legitimacy or more uptodate glance, wood is probably the very best determination if it is sunny logcabin.

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